About Winnie Tsige

As a Financial Planner with the Bank of Montreal, Winnie Tsige helps clients create diversified portfolios specifically designed to meet their unique investing goals. Tsige wields an array of financial planning tools to engage clients throughout the planning process, ensuring the creation of a comprehensive strategy. By utilizing consistent feedback from clients, she can fine-tune a portfolio to meet their changing needs. Since assuming this role in 2000, Winnie Tsige has undergone training in Professional Financial Planning and completed the Canadian Securities Course at the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). Tsige has frequently been recognized as one of the bank’s top financial planners and received Best of the Best accolades on two occasions.

Winnie Tsige started her career with the Bank of Montreal as a Financial Services Manager in 1994. In this position, she helped clients buy and sell various financial instruments, including stocks, Treasury bonds, and commercial paper. During this time, Tsige enhanced her knowledge of the industry by completing the company’s course on ALD/UDL lending limits and the Investment Funds of Canada program at CSI. After receiving her certification in financial planning from Sheridan College, Winnie Tsige garnered a promotion to a Tier 3 Financial Services Manager with the Bank of Montreal. She utilized her training to analyze complex lending deals and establish accounts for both commercial and personal clients.

In addition to her financial acumen, Winnie Tsige possesses strong skills with advanced computer programs and web-based technologies, as well as fluency in Amharic and Italian. She spends her free time supporting local shelters for single mothers and abused women, participating in counseling and fundraising efforts.


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